Auto Services in McKinney, TX

At Burdick Auto Solutions we provide all the services and repairs your vehicle needs. We perform bumper to bumper maintenance and repairs ranging from oil changes to engine replacements to advanced diagnostics, making us your one stop shop. We will communicate with you on an individual basis to explain in detail any recommendation or service on your vehicle. Below is a list of some of the systems on your vehicle and some of the services we perform. Please call for an appointment or come in today if you think you need any of these services.

Air Conditioning - It's no fun when your air conditioning isn't working like it should, especially in the Texas summer. A/C systems are getting more complicated with fully electronic front and rear with dual climate control. Burdick Auto Solutions has a trained team that can find the problem and get you back on the road in comfort. Some of the items in this system include:
Accumulator/Receiver Drier, Chemical Flush, Compressor, Condenser, Controls/Electrical, Diagnostics, Evacuate & Recharge, Evaporator, Hoses, Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve

Alignment - Proper wheel alignment is essential to get the most out of your tires. Tires are expensive so we want to help you in your efforts to not wear them out prematurely. A simple alignment check can help spot problems before they become severe. Burdick Auto Solutions will perform a complete inspection of your steering and suspension systems, and take care of all your alignment troubles. We have the latest and greatest computerized alignment machine allowing us to get your car's alignment back to the original manufacturer settings within one, one hundredth of a degree. Alignment adjustment is a necessary vehicle service. Periodically inspect your tires for signs of uneven wear. Normal suspension wear and settling can affect your wheel alignment. We recommend an alignment adjustment every time you replace your tires or once a year. If you are uncertain of the last time your alignment was checked, call Burdick Auto Solutions today.

Automatic Transmission - The transmission system is the link between your engine and wheels. It's what transfers energy from the engine. There are lots of moving parts in your transmission, and some of them are designed to wear. Transmissions are electronic these days which adds another element of complication. Transmission Fluid is also very important to maintain in order to get the most life out of your transmission, so let us flush it sooner than later if it's been more than 30K miles since it's been done. If you are experiencing any shifting issues or other transmission problems, bring it in right away for us to run some tests. Our certified team will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road in confidence. Some areas in this system include:
Diagnostics, Electronic/Electrical, Fluid Service, Rebuild, Replacement, Sensors/Switches

Brakes - Stopping your vehicle might be one of the most important functions to be working properly. We perform free brake inspections for this reason. If repairs are needed, we will itemize the recommendations and repair as needed. We will also resurface rotors and drums with our state of the art machine to provide the best stopping, unless they are too thin to turn. We also provide full Antilock Brake System diagnostics are repairs for that pesky amber warning light that may be on. We also offer full mechanical and hydraulic repairs. Don't procrastinate brake repairs, bring it Burdick Auto Solutions as soon as you feel there's a problem. Some of the items in this system include: Calipers, Fluid Flush, Master Cylinder, Pads & Shoes, Power Booster, Rotors & Drums, Wheel Cylinders

Check Engine Light - This warning light will come on when the computer in your vehicle recognizes a problem. That problem could be as easy as a loose gas cap, or a complicated and sometimes expensive emission component. The check engine light shouldn't be ignored even if your vehicle is running fine however, since there's a definite problem which could lead to other ones if ignored. Your vehicle will also fail the yearly state inspection if this light is on. Burdick Auto Solutions has advanced level certified technicians with lots of experience diagnosing and repairing engine lights. We are also a Certified Repair Facility through the state of Texas ( and participate in the AirCheck Texas program ( This means we are qualified and certified through the state to repair emission failures, like the check engine light. Ask us how you might qualify for up to $600 in assistance for emission failures.

Cooling System - The cooling system consists of the Radiator, Cooling Fan, Hoses, Water Pump, Overflow Tank, Thermostat, Freeze Plugs, Heater Core, and more. Coolant (antifreeze mixed with water), circulates through your engine by the water pump. It's moved through the radiator to help cool it down. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the engine. And the cooling fan helps mover air across the radiator. All these components are critical in keeping your engine temperature correct. Major engine damage can result from high engine temperatures. Flushing your coolant regularly will help keep your engine protected. If you notice your engine temperature getting higher than normal, let Burdick Auto Solutions check it out right away. We will perform comprehensive tests to isolate the concern, then repair any needs.

Diagnostics - Sometimes your vehicle just doesn't feel right, or it doesn't feel the same as it used to. We have years of experience diagnosing and repairing all kinds of problems and our team is ASE certified in all areas of your vehicle. We can find complicated engine performance problems to suspension to air conditioning to brakes. We have specialized tools and equipment to help us in this effort. If something doesn't feel right, let Burdick Auto Solutions diagnose it.

Drive Train & Axles - The drive train, also referred to as the power train, refers to the parts and systems that create power and deliver it to the road. The main parts of the drive train includes: the engine, transmission, driveshaft, u-joints, differential, transfer case, drive axles, cv boots, cv joints, and wheel bearings. A properly maintained power train means that the energy produced by your engine is being used in the most efficient way possible. Thus, you will have a more fuel efficient car and more miles per gallon. Burdick Auto Solutions strives to keep your vehicle operating at its optimal performance.

Electrical/Electronic Systems - Most mechanical functions are now dependent on electrical components. Your car is controlled by a complex arrangement of wires, sensors and computers working together. If communication along those wires is interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle. Electrical systems are now more complicated, but more reliable and easier to diagnose and remedy with the proper equipment. At Burdick Auto Solutions, we have diagnostic tools, scanners, and equipment that help us pinpoint your electrical concern. Our ASE certified technicians know your car's electrical components and can effectively diagnose and repair the problem. Some components in this system include: Battery, Alternator, Starter, Ignition Switch, ECM, PCM, Sensors, Actuators, Wiring, Relays, Fuses

Engine Repairs - Engine replacement can be one of the most costly repairs on your vehicle and most of the time it can be prevented by simple maintenance. That's why preventative maintenance is so important and could save you thousands of dollars. Some examples are Oil Changes, Timing Belts, Tune Ups, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Fluid Flushes, and more. At Burdick Auto Solutions, we can inspect all these items and more to help keep your engine clean and happy. And in the unfortunate case of engine failure, we will provide options on replacing your engine with a used or remanufactured unit.

Exhaust Systems - Does your vehicle sound louder than it should? If so, you may have a problem in your exhaust system. This system is comprised of exhaust manifolds which bolt to your engine, then exhaust pipes which twist and turn down under your vehicle passing through catalytic converters, resonators, and/or mufflers, and come out the back. A leak anywhere in this system should be addressed as harmful gases could potentially make their way into the passenger compartment. Burdick Auto Solutions can evaluate your exhaust system and take care of any repairs needed.

Extended Warranties - Did you know you have a choice when it comes to extended warranty service? Burdick Auto Solutions can work with any extended warranty provider to provide timely service and repairs for your vehicles. We want to be your neighborhood partner for auto repair and service. Our experienced ASE certified auto repair technicians and helpful service writer team will work with your warranty company on your behalf to get your car back on the road.

Fuel Systems - Everyone knows you need to put fuel in your vehicle to make it run, but did you know that fuel leaves deposits and build up in your engine and fuel system over time? Proper service and maintenance can remove engine deposits, clean cylinders, make sure moving parts are free of debris and help your car's exhaust system and catalytic converter last longer, helping your vehicle run better and be more fuel efficient. At Burdick Auto Solutions, we use BG Chemicals ( that are proven to effectively clean your fuel system. See us today for this service and start seeing better fuel economy tomorrow.

Maintenance Services - Factory and Preventative - Burdick Auto Solutions offers a wide range of services for your vehicle to help keep in in tip top shape. Preventative maintenance is the proactive way to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. It's also a super way to keep your vehicle performing like new. We use BG Products ( in all our flushes and services, which are industry known as the best and will not void or negatively affect your factory warranty and any way. In fact, most dealerships use BG Products as well.
Not sure when your maintenance services are due? No problem, we do. We have factory maintenance schedules for all makes and models of vehicles. In addition, we will always perform a complimentary inspection of your maintenance items every time you bring your vehicle to us. The great thing about these services is that you control when they're done, unlike breakdowns and repairs that control you. Let Burdick Auto Solutions perform all your Factory and Maintenance Services and help keep you on the road. Some maintenance services are:

  • Oil Change
  • Transmission Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Fuel Injection Flush
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Differential Service
  • Battery Service
  • A/C Service

Steering System - At Burdick Auto Solutions, we diagnose and repair all components and parts of your steering system. Your power steering system is powered by your power steering pump. It pressurizes power steering fluid that moves your steering system. Power steering pumps are generally driven by a belt that is powered by your car's engine, but some are powered electronically. High pressure hoses move the fluid from the pump to the steering gear. This system depends on clean power steering fluid. This fluid is put under more pressure than any other fluid in your vehicle, but most people don't think about replacing it. Regular fluid flushes will help prevent power steering system failures
Other parts of your steering system include tie rods, drag links, idler arm, pitman arm, and steering knuckle or spindle. A problem in any of these components could cause uneven tire wear and a steering wheel to be off center. Burdick Auto Solutions has experts in this field that can correct any steering problem, then align your vehicle with our state of the art alignment machine to get you safely down the road with the best tire wear.

Suspension System - Your suspension system consists of shock, struts, springs, ball joints, control arms, bushings, stabilizer bar, and stabilizer links. It is the link between your vehicle's frame and the tires. It absorbs the shock and movement from the road, providing you with a nice comfortable ride. The suspension system also directly affects the stability and handling of your vehicle. Damaged or worn parts can cause your vehicle to be less responsive and compromise safety. They can also cause your wheel alignment to be out, which will affect tire wear and sometimes cause your vehicle to pull in one direction or another. Burdick Auto Solutions has ASE certified technicians in this area to help with any needs. We also don't cut any corners on alignments and take the extra time to get your alignment as close to perfect as it can be. This kind of detail makes a huge difference in the quality of your ride and longevity of your tires.

Tune Up - They just don't make them like they used to….. Have you ever heard that? Sometimes that's a good thing, as in this case. Cars these days don't have points or condensers, carburetors, distributers, or even spark plug wires. Heck, you can't even adjust timing any more and does anyone know what dwell is? Well, we do. We've been around long enough to remember the “good old days” and know how to work on those systems, but are young enough to be raised in the ever changing world of fuel injection and direct ignition. Now days, a tune up is pretty much replacing spark plugs, some filters, and flushing the fuel injection system. It's getting to the point where a software update might be part of a tune up since most systems are controlled by some computer in your vehicle. No matter how old or new your vehicle is, Burdick Auto Solutions has certified and trained experts on keeping it running great.

Used Vehicle Inspections - A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended if you are buying a vehicle without a warranty. When you buy a vehicle without a warranty, you are assuming all the risk. In this case, a pre-purchase inspection makes financial sense. Burdick Auto Solutions will provide you with a comprehensive review of your prospective vehicle. Spotting problems before your purchase the vehicle can save you a lot of money. If problems are found early, you could use this information to negotiate a better price on the vehicle. If there are problems that are too costly or make the vehicle unsafe, you can avoid the vehicle altogether and find something safer for you and your family. If you are shopping for a used car, before you purchase, be sure to visit Burdick Auto Solutions for a pre-purchase inspection. We want to help you make a safe and financially responsible decision for you and your family.