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Rebekah Parks


Rebekah Parks

Service Writer

Rebekah has worked over 13 years as a Service Writer. She became a part of the Burdick Auto Solutions Team in 2013. Rebekah is self-taught in the industry through Hard Work, Listening, Researching, & learning from some of  the most talented technicians in North Texas. She enjoys being able to learn new things on a daily basis. Her advice to the community: “Don’t throw your money away by guessing and installing parts that may not repair your vehicle. Have a trained technician diagnose the issue properly.”

Rebekah loves Burdick Auto Solutions because they have a great team that works together to do the best possible for their customers.  She feels they all have a genuine care for customers and trying to resolve every situation according to the different customers needs. 

Being a female in the industry, Rebekah brings a different way of explaining things. She is a very straight, to the point person. She can translate "auto talk" well to people who may otherwise feel lost or taken advantage of in the automotive repair world. 

She has had some people assume she is just the "secretary" since she is a “woman" in an auto shop.  She sees it as a challenge to change their minds and show them just how much she has learned about this industry in the last 13 years.  The challenges she has overcome in the industry, along with her unique perspective, have led her to become extreme asset to the team. 

When Rebekah is not at work, she enjoys: cooking, reading, gaming, history, science, & spending time with her animals. She has 4 animals: Scooter (border collie/12 years old rescue dog), Muffin (3 years old cat), Turbo (6 years old cat), & Chewie (her boyfriend’s 8 years old “chorkie”). She dreams of traveling one day to Scotland.