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John Howver


John Howver


John attended the American Airlines maintenance Academy and has been in the  industry for 28 years(25 years as a technician) He has been with Burdick Auto Solutions since December 2005. He is an expert at difficult diagnostics and very attentive to detail.

He is passionate about being a technician because he is able to find what the problem
with each of the customers car and offers a quality value added repair as if it were his mothers car.

He loves to work on Honda’s due to their engineering and build quality and he has owned Honda products for the last 18 years. 

John feels Burdick Auto Solutions stands out from their competitors due to the integrity and honesty of the team members and exceptional customer service at a fair price. 

When John is not at work, he enjoys: touring by motorcycle, bowling, helping others, & audio fidelity.

His advice to members of our community “Educate yourself a little bit about the care and maintenance needs of your car, this can be found in the owners manual”.